Quick Finishing

Set Up:

  • During the drill, one attackers comes in from the end line, one defender comes in from the sideline. 
  • Player 2 begins the drill with a pass to Player 1. Player 1 runs onto the ball and goes to goal.
  • The defender (Player 3 in blue) comes on with Player 2's first touch and must run in behind the mannequin before tackling the ball. 
  • Player 1 tries to hold off the defender as he finishes on goal.
  • Upon completion, players go to the other end and play re-starts in the opposite direction.

Coaching Points:

1.  Dribble into the path of the defender in order to shield him from the ball.

2.  Take the last dribble touch to the side in order to create shooting angles.

3.  Be able to shoot at all four corners of the goal so that the GK has to cover the entire net.


1.  Add a 2nd defender, coming in from the opposite sideline.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

supporting Fundamentals


hhopkins00@gmail.com on 9/21/2023

Bearicorns - quickshot - defender try to get in between player and goal 

Storm - defender in between player and goal don't run straight to the goal 

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