Penalty Box Game


The exercise takes place around the penalty box and teams are split into two teams, one attackers and one defenders.. Teams play 3v3 inside the box and the other players are spread out around it, alternating in teams. Ball is served from the coach into the attacking team who look to score and can use their teammates on the outside (who are limited to one touch). If the defensive team win the ball, they must complete 5 passes for one point. This allows the attackers the opportunity to counter-press. Play for 4 minutes and complete 3 sets in total.

Coaching Points:

1.    Pass the ball back out of the penalty area rather than turn back into the defender.

2.    Fake shots to draw the defenders out, then look to beat them with the dribble or a wall pass.

3.    Use the outside attacker closest to the end line for a cross and finish.

Players Required: 


jrosemin on 10/13/2022

Shooting under pressure

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