Combinations into 1v1

Set Up:

The two players in combine to send one of the players to goal, while the other player becomes the defender. They play 1v1 to completion, and then they switch places. There are four different combinations that the players can use.

1.  Overlap     ​

2.  Wall Pass    

3.  Double Pass    

4.  Takeover or Heel Pass

Coaching Points:

1.  Attacking – Take the dribble in behind the defender and get in a good shielding position.​

2.  Finishing – Take the last dribble touch to the side in order to create a good shooting angle.

3.  Positive First Touch –  The dribble should go towards the center. Do not fade to the outside.

Progression 1: 

1.  Add an attacker and a defender and play 2v2 to goal.

Players Required: 

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