2v2 Plus One Game

Set Up:

Play begins with a pass from the Feeder to the neutral attacker stationed in the center of the field. From there, the neutral attacker passes to either of the players on the attacking team (the teams alternate possessions) to create the 3v2 to goal. If the defending team wins the ball, they attack the other goal with the help of the neutral attacker. Games are played to five, and the neutral switches out after each game.

Coaching Points:

1.  Decision Making – Make deceptive runs with each pass and force the defenders to move.​

2.  Speed of Play –  Push the dribble down the center of the field and commit the first defender.

3.  Finishing – Take risks in the penalty area to create even better chances of finishing.


Progression 1 – Add a 1v1 inside of each half to create 3v3 plus one.

Players Required: 

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