1v1 with Multiple Small Goals

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Grid eight yards wide, 16 yards long. Groups of players on each side of grid. Defender passes the ball to the attacker and the 1v1 starts. The attacker tries to beat the defender and shoots with a quick shot at the empty goal. The defender can score on two small goals. Switch side after turn.


Improve the ability to beat an opponent in a 1v1 situation.


2 small goals and 1 large goal, balls, cones, bibs.

Coaching Points:


  • Receive the ball  properly; close or further from foot, depending on the distance to the incoming defender.  

  • Make speed, dribble with laces or outside foot.

  • Look over the ball when dribbling or use peripheral vision. 

  • When you get closer to the defender, keep the ball closer to your foot

  • Make your move at the right moment. Not too far away or too close to the defender.  

  • Explode after the move and shoot as quickly as possible. 


  • Approach the attacker quickly, slow down when getting close.

  • Stand in an angled position, low in the knees, elbows bent.

  • Move feet quickly with little steps and force the attacker to the sideline.

  • Win the ball back at the right moment.  

  • Explode after winning the ball and score as quickly as possible. 


Make two teams and keep track of the score. 

Balls Required: 

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